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Paderia Bakery Kitchen
A bakehouse; through a union of warm service and product, we hope to bake a difference by sharing warmth.
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Paderia is a modern bakery serving traditional baked goods curated from around the world in a fast pace, grab-and-go setting. The ambition of Paderia is to bring everything back to basics, quality and authenticity. All products are made fresh-from-scratch in our bustling kitchen during the calm early morning.

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Ingredients are intentionally sourced to allow each product to exude quality. From imported chocolates, exclusive flours, or two year aged Vermont cheddar -the simple products speak for themselves. Product name prefixes like premium or gourmet become unnecessary.

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Our simple approach requires meticulous techniques in creating our products. Each item is either a two or three day process that requires precise temperatures during all stages of storage, proofing and baking. Though we do our best to create enough product, we do not sell old inventory. “Open until sold out” helps ensure you will only receive fresh product.

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